We believe in community-based programs that empower local people and focus on keeping families together. We also believe all Cambodian children should have access to a Khmer education which focuses on preserving the rich Khmer culture and language while preparing students for a modern-day world. Schooling is theoretically free in Cambodia. However, many barriers such as lack of access to food, clothes, hygiene and healthcare prevent many children in Taksenkangbloung village from attending.

Children often resort to begging at the nearby temples to support themselves while many of their parents suffer from alcohol addiction and health problems.  Many families are living with HIV, tuberculosis and scabies. Children often go hungry.

We aim to create sustainable futures for the children of Taksenkangbloung village by providing them with options.

We provide a day program to 15 local children who we support in attending the local primary school. Children remain living in their community being cared for at home. We have a Community Learning Centre on-site where we offer tutoring and supplementary classes to all in the village. We also assist adolescents to seek vocational learning opportunities and provide a referral function to other organisations where possible.

Our founders believe social inclusion and access to education are key to changing destinies.  Our aim is to support the people of the village in attaining a standard of living which in the future can be maintained independently of foreign aid. In doing so we encourage shared ownership of the community centre.