Policies aimed at the protection of our program participants and which help ensure our projects operate responsibly and in a sustainable way are available on request by emailing taksenkangbloungcc@gmail.com. Read more about this under “responsible in-country volunteering” in the “support us” tab.

Some “orphanage businesses” in Cambodia lead to the separation of children and their families. Taksenkangbloung Community Centre fights to keep families together by offering community-based day programs. Watch a fantastic video from Friends International on why you should support families, not orphans.

We believe there is never a good reason to institutionalise children by putting them in orphanages. Most Cambodian children do in fact have a community to live in. The village community is a vital aspect of South-East Asian culture and there are many different versions of the family unit. Some of our own students reside with families in the village other than their birth families because their parents are lost to them. These arrangements are reached among the families and the village.

There are no longer orphanages in Australia, and this is for good reasons.

We have been guided by the following references, among others, regarding child protection policies in Cambodia:


Our annual report can be downloaded here and our ACNC (Australian Charities & Not for Profits Commission) information can be found here.